Winter Bike To Work (and School!) Day – Traverse City


Traverse City is in for Winter Bike to Work (and School!) Day on Friday, February 14. We’re joining a ton of other cities around the world like Calgary, Montreal, Oulu/Helsinki (Finland), and Anchorage. It’s a winter biking revolution.

WBTWD-TC aims to demystify the practice of winter cycling and create awareness that people riding bikes to work/school in the winter is safe, fun, healthy, and normal.

We’ve had lots of practice this winter (mucho snow!!) with our Bike To School Fridays and Bike Plowing so we are ready.

Just remember to dress warm, take it a bit slower, make those turns wide, and smile!

If you need a beater bike, you can reserve one from our Carter’s Compost Winter Bike Share.

Winter commuting to school or work is a great way to embrace winter, burn a few calories and have FUN!

The #WBTWD – TC Amigo Project hopes to encourage a winter cycling newbie to give it a try by partnering them with a winter cycling veteran. If you are already a Winter Commuting Champion please consider inviting a friend, co-worker, neighbor or classmate to join you on the 14th.

Thank You to our Presenting Sponsors; Oryana, Brew and Cuppa Joe (all locations!) for providing discounts on coffee to all WBTWD riders from 7-9 am. Just make sure to bring your own container as this is a BYO-Mug event.

Email us at to get involved.

On the big day, make sure to take some photos of you and your bike at your workplace (or school!) and post to Twitter, our FB event page or Instagram using hashtags #wbtwd #biketvc. It’s going to be awesome. We hope you’ll join us.

Bike Traverse City. Bike Winter. Bike Más.


Photo and Storify recaps are now up. Thanks to everyone for joining us on WBTWD-TC. Let’s keep riding and inspiring others to do the same. Vamanos!


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