Mr. Bill’s Fantastic Cherry Pie Challenge


Meet our friend, Mr. Bill. Super dad. Master of the snow shovel. Year round cyclist. Florida Gator fan. And apparently, a rockstar cherry pie baker, too.

To celebrate National Cherry Month (yay, George Washington!), Mr. Bill has generously offered NORTE! a homemade, zero trans fat, delicious cherry pie made from TC tarts for the first NEW Bike To School Friday rider this month. Not only will he make it and bake it but he’ll also deliver it to your house. By bicycle, of course.

The challenge begins this Friday. Or you can wait until Winter Bike To Work (Or School!) Day of the 14th but that’ll be risky. Again, the pie will go to the first new B2SFri biker of the month. Must be a TC resident (so that Mr. Bill can ride his bike to your house safely). If there is more than one new riders at the same time, they can sit down and have a cherry pie eating party together.

To confirm your awesomeness and put yourself in the running for Mr. Bill’s pie, take a photo of you and your bike at school and email it to us at

Bike Happy. Bike Winter. Bike Más.

And thanks to Mr. Bill for being so awesome.


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