TC RIDES with The Commissioners


A community that rides bikes together, stays togther.

Join us Wednesday, July 23rd as TC RIDES with The Commissioners. What better way to talk about our awesome town than on a bike?

TC RIDES is a short (8km) but sweet bike ride on our neighborhood streets and trails. It uses the power of the bicycle to build community, promote an active lifestyle and create awareness for the growing presence of people on bikes in Traverse City. We will pedal together, socialize, get some exercise, ring our bells, and have FUN.

People on bikes creates more people on bikes. It’s infectious. So simple. So awesome.

TC RIDES begins at McLain on 8th and finishes at The Little Fleet for beverages and Food Truck eats (their Happy Hour deals are fantastic!). Meet at 5:45. Rolling at 6.

The TC RIDES route.

Boardman Lake/River. 6 different neighborhoods. TART. The Open Space. Beautiful West Bay. Clinch Park. Maybe the most lovely 8 urban kilometers ever.


Norte! TC volunteers will lead. We will ride safe. We will have fun. We will inspire others to the same.

A public notice has been posting due to the possible quorum of Commissioners.

Bring your happy face. And your bell.

Email us at with questions.

#bikehappy #bikemás #biketvc

Ding Ding


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