Bike To Camp :: A NORTE! Adventure to the TC State Park


Let’s celebrate the end of summer with a Bike To Camp adventure to the TC State Park.

WHEN? This Saturday! September 13 and 14th. Meet at F&M Park at 1:30. Start riding east on the TART at 2:00. Leave the car at home and use our Big Boy (or Girl!) Trailers to haul your gear. We will explore the park, swim, eat s’mores, play, and of course, ride bikes. Sunday morning we will decamp, eat lunch, swim at the beach and return to F&M Park by 3:00. For those who want to attend VASA DOMINGOS, the N!YC Team Bus will arrive at 11:15 to shuttle you and your bike to Timber Ridge.

WHERE? We’ve booked the group site at the Traverse City State Park. Parents are encouraged but not absolutely necessary. Can’t make the bike ride but want to camp? Meet us out there anytime after 3:00. We will be at the youth group campsite in the middle rear of the campground along the TART Trail. Motor vehicles are welcome to tow your kids and bikes along, but require the daily fee or a Michigan State Parks Passport on your vehicle registration. Tell the ranger at the entrance you are with our group and she will guide you to our site and the parking area.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The cost of the site is taken care of, and we will also have hot dogs, s’mores, coffee and pancakes for everyone too. Donations to NORTE! will be accepted to help defer costs.

WHAT TO BRING? Your bike, silly. All the camping stuff to make you cozy on a cool night too (warm sleeping bags, pads, tents, warm clothes etc). Also, eating plates, drinking cups and utensils, perhaps a bathing suit/towel, and whatever else you want to eat or drink (no alcohol or tobacco please). Our trailers are BIG! so we’ll have room. There is electricity at the site so we will bring an electric skillet to make life easier. There is also running water, showers and modern bathrooms at the campground but please bring everything you would need to comfortably camp in the woods! We will observe a decent lights out hour at night too.


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