Operation: Light Up The Morning


Our mornings are getting darker and darker here in Northern Michigan. With the sun now rising at 7:32, biking to school during fall’s/winter’s dark mornings will be a challenge. Operation: Light Up The Morning aims to remedy this by supplying free bike lights to pedaling elementary students in Traverse City. A huge Thank You to our friends at TART Trails and Planet Bike for donating front and rear lights to keep the kids seen, safe and awesome.


1. Commit to riding your bike to school as much as possible. Every Friday at the very least.

2. Email us norteyouthcycling@gmail.com to reserve your lights. We don’t have a lot so they will be given out on first come-first served basis.

3. Put your lights on your bike. The more, the merrier. Light It Up like a Christmas tree. Maybe your dad can sew some reflective material onto your backpack and spray paint your helmet ORANGE, too? Be seen. Be safe. Invite a friend/classmate (maybe your principal, too) to bike to school with you or hop on one of our Traverse City-wide Bike Trains.

4. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the awesome way to school and inspiring others to do the same.

Post photos of you and your lights to our Facebook Page or share via Instagram/Twitter using hashtag #LightUpTheMorning

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC.


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