A TC Bike Plow Experiment


Norte! is putting the TC Bike Plow to the test this winter. An experiment of sorts to see what bike-powered snow clearing is capable of. We have committed to help keep the Boardman Lake Trail (BLT) Bridge and boardwalk clear by way of pedal power. So far, so good. Who knew that a simple push broom wedge could pulled behind a bike could work so well?

Hooked up to a Fat Bike, the plows turn into snow clearing beasts. Fat bikes are made for plowing. Our Dr. Auer-designed DIY plows perform well, too. Really well, actually. They make a great 2 foot path to walk/ride on.


In addition to the BLT Bridge, we sometimes bike plow Central/Slab Town/Boardman neighborhood sidewalks, the BLT to 14th Street and Bayside TART for fun:


We’re going to keep plowin’ away because how else are we going to get to the library and Oryana? If you want to put your Fat Bike to work and do some community good, we’re looking for more awesome people to help. Email us at norteyouthcycling@gmail.com to get involved.

More info on our bike-powered/grassroots efforts to keep our neighborhood sidewalks and trails clear HERE.

How-To Instructional to build your own bike plow HERE.

Updated Traverse City bike plow photo album HERE.

Read about our Winter Biking To School efforts using the TC Bike Plow HERE.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC.


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