A NORTE! Story: Grady And The El Barrio Bike Fix

El Barrio Bike Fix
By Grady Luyt (and mom)

I’m 10 years old and love to tinker and create things. I also enjoy riding bikes with NORTE! El Barrio Bike Fix blends these two things perfectly. I loved working with the bike gurus at McLain’s, using real tools and figuring out how to tune-up and fix bikes.

Hands-on learning? Check. Fun with friends? Check. Pizza?? Huge success.

Thanks for providing a creative, bike-centered Makerspace for kids!


Our El Barrio Bike Fix also helped tune-up/clean-up 31 bikes for McLain‘s Christmas donation to the kids at KAIR in Kalkaska. Mucho Gracias, too, to Mrs. McLain for the pizza and the McLain Race Team for hanging out with us.

Kids building bikes for kids is awesome! A special day at Bikes For Tikes community bike build. NORTE! kids and families helped build 80+ bikes which will be given as Christmas presents to local youth.


A NORTE! Story is a blog series highlighting N!YC riders/volunteers/supporters in our first year of inspiring Traverse City youth through bicycles.

If you like Grady’s story and want to support more of the same, please consider donating to our end-of-year KIDS ON BIKES + YOU campaign. Levels and awards can be found HERE.


And let’s ride bikes together soon.


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