Principals On Bikes: Mrs. Gallagher Rides To Central Grade For Winter Bike To School Day

photo 2

On a cold (5F…that’s -15C, folks!) but calm February morning,  Mrs. Gallagher, principal at Central Grade Elementary, rode her bike to school. This past Friday was Winter Bike To Work And School Day and Mrs. Gallagher celebrated in style. She was joined by Assistant Principal Quinn, a student (next year we’ll have more…way more!), a dad and 4 N!YC volunteers. They enjoyed a lovely ride on The Central Grade Zephyr Bike Train Route from Oak Park neighborhood through Boardman neighborhood to school. Mrs. Gallagher dressed smart, stayed warm, and had FUN! Really ;)

The Zephyr route:

Mrs. Gallagher was the third principal (joining Eastern’s Mrs. Ruskowski and Traverse Heights’ Mrs. Six-King) to take part in our Principals On Bikes Initiative which invites all TCAPS neighborhood elementary school principals to ride to school with their students on one of our Traverse City-wide Bike Trains.

Which school will ride with their principal next? We’re looking at you Willow Hill and Glenn Loomis ;)

Norte! can help organize and provide quality volunteers to make sure everyone has a good time.

Email us at for more information.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC.


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