Adan Needs A Bike. Let’s Help Him Win One.


Meet Adan. Adan is a 1st grader at Traverse Heights Elementary. This spunky 6-year-old doesn’t let CP slow him down.  He loves to go!  Adan would love to be able to ride a bike but needs one to fit his needs. Let’s help this special kid win a special bike!

The Great Bike Giveaway is a national contest in which children with special needs can win their very own adaptive bike.

Adan is in the contest to win a Rifton bike but needs your vote.

Please take 2 minutes and help make it happen. Vote —> HERE. And then share this link wildly with your friends. Gracias.

As his mom writes, “For Adan to win the Rifton bike, would be an amazing gift! It would give him independence, mobility, family bike rides, summer fun! Every kid needs wheels!”

Go, Adan, Go!

We’re cheering for ya, buddy, and hope to ride bikes together soon.


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