A Bike-Tastic National Cherry Festival


Imagine a National Cherry Festival where people ride their bicycles to The Open Space.

Imagine a beautiful, bayside bike ride on the TART Trail to enjoy the festivities without the hassle of dealing with traffic or finding a parking spot.

Imagine a convenient, easy-peasy, no lock required Bike Valet where these awesome people can score preemo, up front, rock star parking. For FREE!

Awesome, right?

Norte! is excited to bring free Bike Valet Parking to the 2015 edition of our fabulous National Cherry Festival.

We’re aiming to make this year’s NCF the most bike-tastic ever. 

We are looking for some help to make it happen, though. We need volunteers! Lots of them.

Parking bikes is FUN! Really.

Sign up here:  http://vols.pt/XNnH5j

We will repay with heaps of praise and highfives, too!

Gracias and we’ll see you soon!

Ding. Ding.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike The National Cherry Festival.


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