VASA Sábado: A Community Mountain Bike Ride + Picnic

9.26.15 (2)

What better way to celebrate Michigan Trails Week (September 19th – 26th) and National Public Lands Day (September 26) than with a community mountain bike ride on our beautiful VASA trail!

In partnership with TART Trails and Northern Michigan Mountain Bike Association, Norte! is hosting a special VASA Sabado (think Vasa Domingos but on a Saturday) community mountain bike ride and picnic. We will ride bikes on dirt. We will have fun. We eat snacks together after, too.

WHERE? Bring your bike and a friend to the VASA trailhead off Bartlett Road.

WHEN? Saturday, September 26th. We will meet at 9:45 am. Rolling at 10.

HOW FAR? We will have 5k, 10k, 15k and 25k ride options. All ages and abilities are welcome.

SHOULD I BRING A PICNIC? Nope. Thanks to our friends at NMMBA, we will enjoy some yummy hot dogs (and veggie dogs!) after the ride.  AND. Our friends at TART Trails will be bringing cookies for dessert. They bake yummy cookies, folks. Not to be missed!!

WHY? Because we LOVE our Michigan trails and Public Lands, that’s why!

Email us at with questions.

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike TC.


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