El Barrio Bike Fix @GlennLoomis


El Barrio Bike Fix (EBBF), our weekly, after school, learn-to-wrench program had a great start last fall  and we’re excited to bring it back.

A mobile/pedal powered “maker space” of sorts, EBBF allows Traverse City elementary students to get their hands dirty, turn wrenches and learn basic bike repair and maintenance skills from our professional bike mechanics.

From changing a flat to adjusting brakes to dialing in shifting, EBBF aims to empower youth to take care of their own bicycles.

WHERE?  TCAPS Montessori at Glenn Loomis. Look for us at the corner of Oak and 13th Street near the bike racks.

WHEN? 3:15-4:15 on Fridays after school during September and October.

WHY? To promote self-assurance, confidence, creativity and lifelong bike independence among Traverse City’s young people by teaching them basic bike repair and maintenance skills.

WHO CAN COME? At least time, we’re limited to TCAPS Montessori students only. We hope to expand to more neighborhood elementary schools soon.

WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Just your bike. You can use our tools.

IS IT FREE? Si. Of course.

HOW CAN I HELP? Norte! is always looking for knowledgeable, energetic, quality adults to help teach/empower/inspire. Email us at hello@elgruponorte.org if you’d like to get involved with El Barrio Bike Fix.


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