Traverse City Walks To School Day: A Super Awesome Photo Gallery


This morning, Traverse City walked to school in a big, big way. We’re still finalizing the numbers but it’s going to be awfully close to 500 elementary and middle school students city-wide for National Walk To School Day! Add in 200-ish parents, siblings, grandmas, volunteers, police officers, teachers, principals and you surely have one of the most walk-tastic days in TC history.

Special shout-outs to:

  • The parents/volunteers who lead our 10 walking “buses” to 5 different schools
  • Sgt. Gillis and his TCPD crew for walking with each and everyone of these “buses”
  • Oryana for the yum-icious snacks at their “bus station”
  • Greenspire for proving that middle school’ers do in fact like to walk to school
  • Eastern Elementary’s preschoolers….10 of whom walked

Let’s do it again tomorrow. And everyday.

Well, except Fridays. ← Bike day!

Walk Happy. Walk Mas. Walk TC.


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