May Day Ride & TC Bike Month Kick Off


TC Bike Month is a #BikeTVC celebration of people on bicycles in Traverse City.

In collaboration with many other bike-friendly organizations and businesses in Traverse City, Norte! will be celebrating National Bike Month (May) in a big, big way this year. We will ride bikes. We will build awareness for the growing presence of people on bicycles here in TC. We will have FUN! Mucho FUN!

So let’s get this party started with a short but May Day slow ride, shall we?

When: May 1st. Meet at The Filling Station at noon. Rolling at 12:15.

Where: A lovely 8 km cruise on the neighborhood streets and trails of Traverse City through on Boardman Lake Trail, through Central neighborhood to Slabtown onto the bay-side TART and back to the Filling Station.

Who: Everybody! Grandpas, moms, kids, millenials, 40 somethings and yes, even you over there.

Why: Because slow chit-chatty bicycle rides with friends will make you happy. Treat yourself to some deelish pizza and beer afterwards for some bonus happiness.

Stay tuned for more TC Bike Month events.

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike Traverse City.


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