A Traverse City Kids On Mountain Bikes Update: 14 Things


1. Thanks to all the moms who came out last Sunday. A great way to kick off another season of Vasa Domingos. We’ll be back at the VST this Sunday and every Sunday through the summer. Meet at 11:45, ride at noon. You should come. Invite a friend. More info HERE.


2. Congrats on those who crushed MSB last weekend too. Special high five to Kyan for stopping to check on a crashed rider and then giving him his water bottle when that rider asked for water. You’re a good kid, Kyan, and a wonderful Norte! ambassador. Thanks, dude.

3. Fridays@TheCommons are back. Vvery Friday night through the summer. Meet at The Piazza across from Higher Grounds at 5:45. Rolling at 6 for as many laps as you’d like. More HERE.


4. Have ideas/suggestions to make Vasa Domingos/Fridays@TheCommons better? We’d love to hear them. Email us hello@elgruponorte.org

5. We started a trial Norte! Mountain bike Facebook page to try and communicate better. Join HERE.

6. We also have a group text messaging thing for last minute ride updates/cancellations. Join that HERE.

7. Wanna race this season? Check out this Michigan mountain bike race calendar HERE.

8. Norte! needs more girls on bikes – lots more. We’re launching the Chicas del Norte! to try and fix this. Thanks to Fern Spence for heading the Chicas up. Stay tuned for details.


9. We have an urban adventure summer bike camp in June – if you have a 5th/6th grader, they should do it —> Sign up!


10. We’re also considering paying coaches to lead a 1-2x/week “camp” during the summer at the Vasa. Much like GT Ski Club does at Hickory. If you’d be interested in something like this, please let us know.

11. We’re also considering putting on a couple grassroots/super casual/kid only races. Think a time trial on the Vasa single track or a Speed Of Light like thing on the Vasa. If you like this idea, please let us know.

12. We’re about to put in another jersey order. In you need/want some orange, order HERE.


13. Our friends at NMMBA have revamped their youth/family friendly distances at the Long & Short’s event. Let’s support them. Register HERE.

14. And finally, THANK YOU for being part of the Norte! community. Things would be very suck-y without you so muchas gracias.

Let’s ride bikes together soon.


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