The “Winner” of the Kids vs Adults Smackdown is…


….. the KIDS!

142 to 106.

Don’t hang your heads too low, adults. You put up a good fight and you should be proud of the 47 bike-tastic workplaces in Traverse City who participated.
Thanks for playing along – this was great motivation for the kids. They really got into it so Thank you!
Please keep being awesome by riding to work (Smart Commute Week is coming up!) and inspiring your community to do the same. Because more people on bikes = more better, of course.
safe routes to school
Know any walk/bike to school champions? We’re now accepting nominations for Traverse City’s Safe Routes To School Awards. Nominate HERE.
Still need a team for Smart Commute Week? Join Equipo Norte!, our bike-centric all-star team HERE.
Feeling generous this Saturday morning? We’re in this crowdfund charity thing and could use some help ;) We’re actually super close to completing the week #1 challenge (chance to score $4,000!!). Show some love for active, happy, ready-to-learn kids HERE.

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