A Downtown TC Art Bike Redo


art bike collage

While a steady, all afternoon rain is wonderful for the garden it’s not so great for an Art Bike but no biggie. We’re calling a redo for this Sunday.

In partnership with the Downtown District Association, TBA Credit Union and The Little Fleet, we are very very excited to host Traverse City’s first ever Art Bike.

Like the famous Downtown Art Walk except on bikes, of course.

Meet your Norte! guide at the American Legion Park (Cass & Washington) this Sunday, July 24th at 4pm for a short but sweet and awfully slow tour of the 12 Detroit Institute of Arts’ reproductions. We will ride bikes downtown . We will appreciate some very cool public art. We will celebrate  a well-biked tour at The Little Fleet afterwards.

All ages FUN! You should probably come.

There is even an opportunity to win a #downtowntc gift certificate, TBA Credit Union gift basket and very cool hand painted bike sign just for joining us!

Map of the Art Bike route HERE.

Learn more about Detroit Institute of Arts’ Inside/Out program HERE.

More TC Art Bike info HERE.

Email hello@elgruponorte.org with questions.


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