Hey, kids! Check out a bike. Ride it to school. For free.


Norte! is excited to partner with the Traverse Area District Library and McLain Cycle to host a pop up Kids Bike Library on Wednesday, August 17th from 9a – noon.

Kids grow up fast. They out grow their bikes fast too. As part of s our Traverse City-wide Safe Routes To School program, the Kids Bike Library aims to preschool and lower elementary aged students awesome by making sure their bike always fits no matter how fast they grow nor their family’s resources.


Thanks to generous support from McLain Cycle, Norte! will have 47 like new Specialized kids – balance, 12”, 16” and 20” – bikes to loan out. These sizes are ideal for preschoolers and lower elementary students.

“Partnering with Norte! has been a great experience. It has allowed us to promote community engagement of cycling in a new way. We are linked together with a shared value of getting kids and families on bikes”, Kris McLain, owner at McLain Cycle.

Young riders are welcome to borrow a bike for as long as it fits them. Once they outgrow the bike, they return to the Norte! in exchange for the next size up. For FREE!

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Show up at the Woodmere library anytime between 9a – noon.
  2. Sign up for a Norte! Kids Bike Library card. It’s both easy and free. Parent’s photo ID is required.
  3. See a bike you like? Give it a test ride and then take it home if it’s a keeper.
  4. Once the bike is too small, return it to Norte! and check out the next size up.

In return, we simply ask that the kids promise to:

  • take good care of the bike.
  • ride the bike as much as possible. Especially to school!
  • be a positive Norte! ambassador.

Word on the street is that TADL’s new Book Bike will be making an appearance too!

While this is a 100% free service, Norte! will be accepting donations – tax exempt, of course – to help fund our Safe Routes To School programs.


Learn more about our kids bike library HERE.

Learn more about how we’re empowering elementary students to be active, happy, and ready-to-learn HERE.

Learn more about McLain’s fabulous 100% trade-in program HERE.

Email us at hello@elgruponorte.org with questions

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike TC.



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