Traverse City’s Pedal Powered Community Bike Shop

el barrio bike fix.jpg

Traverse City’s first pedal powered community bike shop is for real. It’s big. It’s orange. It’s about to awesome things in TC. Big thanks to Rotary Club of Traverse City, Oryana, Carter’s Compost, Marathon Automotive, Image360 and Charles Schwab for making it happen and supporting El Barrio (The Neighborhood) Bike Fix, our learn-to-wrench program.

A bike-powered “maker space” of sorts, EBBF allows Traverse City elementary students to get their hands dirty, turn wrenches and learn basic bike repair and maintenance skills from our professional bike mechanics.

From changing a flat to adjusting brakes to dialing in shifting, EBBF aims to empower youth to take care of their own bicycles to promote self-assurance, confidence, creativity and lifelong bike independence.

EBBF had a great start last fall at Glenn Loomis and then again last winter at Eastern so we’re excited put our new community bike shop to work to teach more elementary students the basics of bike mechanics.


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