Very wet but awfully fun Adventurama! photos and results


We explored Traverse City on bicycles. We found treasure. We played in parks, found little libraries, discovered public art, read the plaques and made friends with strangers, too. We also got really, really wet. Despite buckets and buckets and buckets of rain, the inaugural Adventurama! was a blast. Thanks to everyone for playing along and helping us raise $3000+ for our Safe Routes To School programming.

Let’s do it again next year!

Super official 2016 results:

  1. Skid Marks: 375 points
  2. Secret Stash Dashers: 353
  3. Nerdy Pigs: 325
  4. Saggi Jam: 320
  5. Trojans: 295
  6. Los Fuertes: 288
  7. Eagle Eyes: 265
  8. Riptide Riders: 250
  9. Pedal Posse: 244
  10. Green Bino’s: 240
  11. School Daze: 235
  12. The Northern Scenesters: 235
  13. The Five Amigos: 225
  14. Wet Noodles: 225
  15. Shooba Looba Ding Dong: 205
  16. The Striped Whites: 195

NerdyPigs’ Fly by:


Photo gallery:


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