Christmas Tree By Bike


With inspiration from the awesome people at Modacity in Vancouver, Norte! is excited to again offer bike-powered delivery of your Christmas tree to Traverse City’s recycling drop-off site. Because recycling your tree by bicycle might just be the most awesome thing ever:

  •  it’s easy. Just make a $25 donation.
  • it’s convenient. One less trip for you.
  • it’s less wasteful. Turning your tree into mulch rocks!
  • it supports Norte!. Yay for a stronger, better connected and more bicycle friendly Traverse City.

Here’s How it Works:

1. Donate $25 via credit card HERE or via paypal HERE. Make sure to comment “tree” so that we know this is for a pick up.

2. We will contact you via email to schedule your pick up.

3. A Norte! volunteer will pedal your Christmas tree to Hull Park using our 8ft, heavy duty bike trailer.

4. Give yourself a pat on the back for supporting kids on bikes in Traverse City and recycling your tree into mulch and erosion control for City parks and Brown Bridge Quiet Area.

Pick-ups available in Oak Park, Boardman, Traverse Heights, Central, Slabtown and Old Town neighborhoods only.

Pick-ups start 12/27/15 and end 1/6/16 .

Your donation will allow us to awesome’ize our new Clubhouse at the Civic Center including:

  • new bike tools, parts and supplies for El Barrio Bike Fix, our learn-to-wrench program.
  • more bikes for our Bike Library, our free program that aims to get bikes to kids so they can ride to school.
  • scholarships for The Bike Mas Project, our adventure-based bike safety program.

Email questions to

More info on Traverse City’s tree recycling program HERE.

More info on our new Clubhouse HERE.

Learn more about Modacity and their amazing internationally crowd-sourced #TreeByBike photo gallery HERE.

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike Your Christmas Tree TC.


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