TC Bike Life: Kyle Smith


Kyle Smith is not your average licensed sales agent dude. A native of Milford, Kansas and graduate of McPherson College, Kyle moved to Traverse City three and half years ago to work at Hagerty Insurance. He plays the guitar and ukelele. He fixes old cars and trucks. And he rides bikes. A lot. Kyle not only races for Hagerty Cycling but enjoys getting around Traverse City on his bicycles year round.

“I love getting around town on a bike because the places I need to go most of the time are within biking distance, so it’s easier! Not having to worry about parking is another bonus for me.” Kyle‘s favorite bike destinations are to Maxbauers, Einstein Cycles, Breakaway Cafe, and Good Harbor coffee.


Kyle has a few pro winter bike tips:

  • Be prepared! Having a reliable bike, making enough time for the trip, and having a backup plan are all important.
  • Studded tires for winter commuting keep him rolling and stopping safely.  He uses his commute to practice good riding habits like looking ahead on corners, body positioning, and cadence.
  • Good lights. It is worth it to be seen. Lights are expensive, but he states that you won’t know the value of good lights until it’s too late. Be seen, be safe.

Awesome stuff. Thanks, Kyle!

You can follow his adventures on Instagram at @straightoutofkansas


TC Bike Life is a story series featuring ordinary people doing ordinary things on their bicycles in Traverse City aims to create awareness for the growing presence of people on bicycles in Traverse City, one story at a time.

Like to ride bikes in Traverse City? We’d love to tell your story too! Click HERE to answer a few short and easy Qs.

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