Pro Walk/Pro Bike: We love your “Why”, Traverse City

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On a mild and rainy February night, an unlikely group came together. Elected officials, business owners, healthcare providers, engineers, community leaders, teachers, planners, moms, dads, kids, grandmas, grandpas and just plain AWESOME people showed up at the Rare Bird around a common goal: making the Grand Traverse region a more walkable, bikeable and rollable place for all people.

If you happened to be one of the 50 or so people who dropped by and wrote a comment or had a conversation: thank you. Thank you for your time, but more importantly thank you for your passion.

We walked or biked home Tuesday night feeling like Norte!’s vision, “to help make Traverse City the most walk and bike friendly small town in America”, is not just a dream but could one day be reality.

And that reality – of Traverse City and the surrounding area transforming into a more equitable place for people to walk, bike and roll – will happen because of YOU! Why do we believe that? Well, because look at the reasons WHY a walk/bike/rollable Traverse City matters to YOU:

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“To me it means a healthy community…”

“A community that provides for mode choice is a community that provides opportunity for everybody. This is a sustainable and resilient community”

“Helps me to feel connected to the community and my neighbors”

“I feel healthy when I walk/bike places”

“Safe biking makes happy people :)”

Traverse City, we LOVE your WHY! You don’t want a more walkable/bikeable community for selfish reasons. It’s not so you can get across town as easily as possible. It’s not so just your kids have a safe place to ride their bike. It’s so all of us have options to get around. It’s so we all have safe places to walk, bike or roll.

It’s about building a strong, sustainable and resilient community that is connected – to our neighbors, to places, to our beautiful region.

We have no doubt that your “WHY” will help to continue to push the Grand Traverse region toward being a more equitable place for active transportation. But we also know that passion alone will not get the job done. Traverse City needs a strong and consistent voice that tirelessly advocates for policy and infrastructure that promotes safe places to walk, bike, roll and be active.

Norte! is ready to be that voice – but we need your help.

Call to action

To be completed by 3/5/17:

  1. Join our advocacy grupo and connect with our Pro Walk/Pro Bike Facebook group. This will allow you to stay in the loop and be part of future advocacy efforts
  2. Let your elected leaders know WHY a walkable Traverse City (or surrounding Township) matters to you:
  • Too often our officials and city/township staff hear complaints about areas that are falling short. Let’s change that narrative and promote WHY walk/bike/rollability matters to YOU. Write a brief email highlighting WHY you value walk/bike/rollability in your community. Also include some thanks, praise and high-fives for an area that is performing well. Have a great sidewalk in your ‘hood? Loving that new West Front St. bike lane? Then let them know. Even better, if you can safely take a selfie enjoying your favorite sidewalk or trail, send that along too!

TC City Commissioners:

TC City Manager, Mary Colburn:

TC Planning Commission:

TC Planning Director, Russ Soyring:

Garfield Township:

East Bay Township Supervisor:

Acme Board of Trustees:

Acme Township Planning Comission:

Elmwood Township Supervisor and Trustees:


One thought on “Pro Walk/Pro Bike: We love your “Why”, Traverse City

  1. Mary Beth Lowe March 3, 2017 / 6:03 pm

    Thank you NORTE for a great gathering and for the follow up to the meeting. So important to provide people with a summary and a chance to say thank you to our city for the good things.

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