A new Eastern Elementary is coming: Let’s make it walk/bike-tastic

El Grupo Norte

Awesome news!

Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS) is coming to Eastern! The City of Traverse City is seeking a grant to improve the infrastructure for walking and biking around many in-town elementary schools. The goal is to make it safe, convenient, and fun for children, including those with disabilities, to walk, bike and roll to school.

When routes are safe, walking or biking to and from school is an easy way to get the regular physical activity children need for good health. SRTS initiatives also help ease traffic jams and air pollution, unite neighborhoods, and contribute to students’ readiness to learn in school.

As part of this process, parent and student input is critical.

A Walking/Biking Audit will be conducted at Eastern on Monday, March 13th after school as a crucial part of the planning process. This will be an opportunity for parents, students, staff and administration to get out into the community and walk, roll, or bike actual student routes and assess their safety. We will be looking for hazards, and begin to identify possible solutions. Think better traffic calming, crosswalks, bike lanes, sidewalks, lighting etc.

Let’s make the new Eastern walk/bike-tastic.

We will break into groups to assess on-site safety at Eastern as well as routes to/from neighborhoods such as Orchard Heights, Highland Park, Indian Woods, East Shore, Oak Park, and Oak Wood.

Meet at the west side bike racks at 4p. Training will be provided by the SRTS team. Bring your kids! Dress for the weather. Snacks provided! Plan for 2 hours.

March 14th is the rain date.

Parents who can not make it to the audit are encouraged to weigh in via this survey:


A follow up Action Planning Session is also planned for April, 17 at the Governmental Building in the Planning Department at 6p.

Stay tuned for info on more spring walk/bike audits at Traverse Heights and Immaculate Conception.

Get involved with our Traverse City-wide Safe Routes To School initiative!



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