La Para Dorada: A Great Traverse City Shovel Experiment Award

golden shovel (2)

In my wheelchair on a snowy morning, I would, in past winters, take a breath and hunker down… preparing to take on not just the inches of snow but the traffic. Getting to where I needed to go required rolling down Cass Street itself rather than the sidewalk. Snow prevented my wheelchair from crossing the bridge and continuing down the walk. I’d protect my dog and myself the best I could.

One morning this winter I turned onto Cass and I stopped. Was the bridge really shoveled? It was! No longer did I have to face the morning traffic in the dark and in the snow. Bill not only shoveled the bridge, he extended his shoveling and inspired others to talk to property owners, who then shoveled their walks.

By the last of winter everyone, abled and differently abled… could go move down the sidewalk of Cass from Lake Street to State Street without inches of snow impeding their way. Thank you most sincerely, Bill. You made my life, my dog Luke’s life, many lives… easier and safer this year. You are a hero!” ~ Jeanne Esche

It’s with this glowing nomination that we are proud to give the inaugural Para Dorada award to Bill Palladino for his Cass Street Bridge heroics this winter. You rock, Bill. Thank you!


With 42 intersections, bridges and bus stops adopted, The Great Traverse City Shovel Experiment was a success. Thank you to EVERYONE who participated during our first season. We’re going to make some tweaks and bring it back bigger and better next winter.

Are you passionate about a more walkable, bikeable and rollable place for all people of all abilities in Traverse City? Please join our advocacy grupo and help be part of the solution.


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