Traverse City Safe Routes to School: Action Planning Meetings

srts action planning.png

Our Traverse City-wide Safe Routes To School infrastructure grant process is moving along nicely. Phase I features Eastern, Traverse Heights and Immaculate Conception.

After successful walk/bike audits around these three schools, we’re ready to have Action Planning Meetings. Parents, teachers, staff and neighbors (we’re looking at you, Slabtown, Central, Oak Park, Boardman, Indian Woods, Civic Center, Orchard Heights, Traverse Heights ‘hoods!) are all welcome.

Let’s roll up our sleeves, mark up the maps and make these neighborhoods the most walk, bike and roll friendly places imaginable.

As the expert in your neighborhood, please help guide city planners, engineers, police, TCAPS, GTACS and SRTS staff as to where improvements are needed and what are the priorities. We need YOU! Join us.

Action Planning Meetings:

Eastern Elementary: Monday, April 17, 6 PM at the Governmental Center, 400 Boardman Ave, 2nd Floor Committee Rm.

Traverse Heights Elementary: Wednesday, April 19, 6 PM in the school library.

Immaculate Conception: Monday, April 24, 6 PM in the Cafeteria.

1440 540 a

Parents who can not make it to these meetings are encouraged to weigh in via this Safe Routes To School survey:



Passionate about happy, healthy, ready to learn kids at your school? Get involved with our Traverse City-wide Safe Routes To School initiative!



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