Norte! is for kids on bikes in Traverse City no matter their age. We are also huge fans of balance bikes and believe that there is no better way to teach children how to ride.

Estrellas del Norte!, our learn-to-ride program for preschoolers using balance bikes, started last year and thanks to a Safe Routes To School grant is growing.

Summer Meet-ups

In 2017, the Estrellas meet-ups will be at our new Clubhouse in the Civic Center EVERY Monday night at 6 this summer starting June 12th.

Please bring your own balance bike and helmet if you have one. We’ll have several balance bikes for kids to try too. Sometimes we’ll even bring SNACKS!


Learn To Ride in School

After a successful pilot learn-to-ride pilot program at Eastern this past winter, we’re excited to partner with TCAPS’ PE-nut/SNAP-ed program in 2016-17 and expand to seven more schools: Traverse Heights, Central Grade, Old Mission, Long Lake, Cherry Knoll, Westwoods and Blair.

Thank you SO much for this INCREDIBLE experience!  I can’t tell you how proud I am of our Preschoolers.  The skills I saw develop and shine over the last 4 weeks are AMAZING!  I saw kids go from cowering by the wall to saying “Look at me!  I can do it now!”  I saw kids fall then get up, dust themselves off and say, “Never give up!”  I saw child after child stop their own bikes, bend down, and make sure that their classmate who had fallen was ok!  Thank you for this incredible gift you and your organization have brought to our community!” – Kelly Forsyth, preschool teacher

Learn more about how the in school program works HERE.

In addition to our other Safe Routes To School funded programs, The Great Traverse City Bike Train Experiment, The Bike Mas Project and El Barrio Bike Fix, the Estrellas is another wonderful opportunity to build bike culture in our community and at school and encourage more students to be active, healthy, and ready-to-learn.

Thanks to the generous support of McLain Cycles and many, many #GivingTuesday donors, we’ve amassed a small fleet of balance bikes and matching helmets but we’re always looking for more. Our goal is to purchase 2 more helmets and bikes so that we can expand to 8 more schools next year.

If you have a balance bike collecting dust, please consider donating it (tax exempt, of course) to Norte!. We’ll promise to put it to good use.

You can also accept financial contributions, of course.

$25 = one new tiny helmet

$125 = one new balance bikes


estrellas x

Email Ty Schmidt at with questions.