Smart Grocery Week

grocery (1).png

With inspiration from Lana Stewart‘s amazing Pecha Kucha presentation at this year’s Winter Cycling Congress in Montreal, we’re bringing the first ever Smart Grocery Week to Traverse City this May as part of our TC Bike Month festivities.

According to People On Bikes,  of all the bicycle trips taken by U.S. adults, 79%  lead to or from somewhere other than work – like the grocery store or farmers market or bakery. Let’s celebrate that.

How it works:

  1. Ride your bicycle to any of our many grocery stores, food markets, bakery, co-ops or farmers markets.
  2. “Check in” on FB, Instagram or Twitter and “tag” us to be entered into our Smart Grocery Week contest to win some sweet prizes.
  3. Buy some nutritious and delicious food.
  4. Put that food into your backpack or stow it on your bicycle via basket or pannier or whatev and pedal home.
  5. Use your pedal powered food to cook a yummy meal at home for family or friends.
  6. Give yourself a pat on the back for going by bike and making TC a bit more awesome.

* Smart Grocery Week starts at 7a Monday, May 15 and finishes at 6p Sunday, May 21. Each time you “grocery by bicycle” make sure to “check in” at the store/market and “tag” Norte! to be entered into the contest. There is no limit in the number of times you can enter. More “grocery by bicycle” = better chance of “winning”.

“Winners” will be randomly selected and notified by Monday, May 22.

* Bay Bread awesome deal: 10% off for those who arrive by bicycle during SGW.

* As always, Oryana shoppers score a 5% discount when they go by bike.

Thank you to these Community Partners for supporting people on bicycles in Traverse City,