Our Donors


Thank you to these generous individuals and families for supporting Norte!:

Carol and Keith Adler

Katie Allabough

Julie Alton

The Meagan and Pete Alvarado family

John Ammond

Ed Andres and Nancy Turner

Steve and Mary Andriese

Robin and Dave Appleford

Judy and Paul Arnold

Tom Auer

Marylou Babich

The Sara and Bill Bageris Family

Arlo P Baggins

Lisa Baldyga

Jonathan and Melissa Basler

Brian Beauchamp

Jane Becker

Breakaway Cafe & Coffee Bar

The Brian and Bridgett Beckwith Family

Shannon Beery

Cory Beuerle

The Adam and Marika BeVier Family

Tyler Bevier

Sally and Chad Black

Joe Bottenhorn

Tim, Tatum, and Meagan Bottrell

The Jen and Matt Bourdo Family

Katherine Brege

Rick and Kathy Brown

Melissa Bullard

Kaitlyn, Max and Gardner Burns

Marcus Bush

The Jeanie and Colin Bushong Family

The Kim White and David Bucholtz family

The Emily and Drew Buchholz family

Brian Buysse

Sara Cockrell

The Marci Bultemeier and Mike Coco Family

The Jill Burden Family

Chris Campbell

Gary Chastain

Julie and Bill Clark

Greg Clugston

Sara Cockrell

Beth Collins

Cynthia Cook

The Curt Cummins and Paula Colombo family

Keith Conway

The Christina and Carl Copenhaver Family

Whitney and Troy Daily

Renee Daggers

Carol Danly

Elizabeth Dell

Chris and Kathy DeGood

Mike and Teckla Dettmer

Andrea Deibler

Karen and Peter Doren

The Sarah and Jaden Drews Family

The Meghan and Than Dykstra Family

Hannah Easterle

Dan Egan

The Carly and Dan Ellis Family

Nate and Karley Elkins

John and Gina Erb

Debra Farron

Judith Finneren in memory of Ralph Finneren

Joan Fitzgibbon

Sharon and John Flesher

Lauri Forbes

The Breanne and Craig Fortuna Family

The Mark and Karen Gerlando Family

Pat and Katie Gibson

Chris Gladieux

Rob Goepfrich

The Linda and Jason Gollan Family

Cheryl Gunzenhaeuser

The Mike Grant and TJ Andrews Family

The Joan Griner and Norm Licht Family

Melina Gubbins

Solveig Gustafson

The Krista and Dave Haapala Family

The Karlyn and Brian Haas Family

The Ross Hammersley and Kate Madigan Family

Terri and Mark Hanson

Jody Hayden

Brook Hayes

The Laurie and Scott Hebert Family

Mary Heckathorn

Scott Hickey

Chris Hindbaugh

Shari and Mike Hintz

The Chris Hinze Family

Brad and Tara Hochstetler

The Jessie and Eric Houghton Family

The Michele and Scott Howard Family

Jim and Diana Huckle

Megan and Andy Humphrey

T Michael and Joanie Jackson

Marilyn Jaquish

Katherine Johnson

Rebecca and Jim Kalajian

Marilyn Kamp

Claire and Jesse Karner

The Andy and Jessica Kempf family

Josh Kennard

The Liz and Pete Kirkwood Family

Jeff Knebl

Dani Knopf

Eric and Amy Kolden

Nancy Krupiarz

The Elizabeth and Chris Kushman family

The Mandy and Adam LaBarre Family

Gene Lafave

Peter Laing

Cathy Lancaster

Sue Leach

The Heidi and Howard Lovy Family

The Macare and Dusty Lumbrezer Family

The Stephie and Greg Luyt Family

Bethany Mach

Melanie and Eric Mannix

Mary and Peter Mantei

The Kara and Dan Madion Family

Bob McLain

Kris McLain

McLain Race Team

Steve Mentzer

Heather and Patrick Mier

Cindy, Rich and Chris Milock

Larry Moats

George Moger

Lisa Molmen

Mark and Beth Mueller

Colleen Mulligan

Jim and Lina Munro

Elizabeth Murphy in memory of Michael Kane

Misha Neidorfler

Bill and Carin Northway

Eric and Shannon Olshove

Kyan and Britta Olshove

Holly Olszewski

The Scott and Becca Ostlund Family

Laura and Bob Otwell

Carey and Jeff Owens

The Bill Palladino and Jen Harris Family

Carol and Ed Parker

Brad Pauly

The Sarah and Peter Payette Family

Tad Peacock

Tim and Jody Pease

Nick and Nan Perez

The Jason and Rachel Plum Family

Beth Price

Jill Porter

Sandi Postma

The Julie and Tony Quinn Family

Kori Quinn

Kathy Radakovich

Roger Raehl

The Kirk Ranney and Lesley Eddington family

Ed, Libby and Sam Reynolds

Chad Rickman

Jillian Riecke

Nicole Robertson

Gail Robinson

Michael and Libby Robold

Katie, Joel, Leland & Clover Roskamp

Russ Ryba

Diane and Mahinda Samarasinghe

Donna and Matt Salon

The Sarna Salzman and Brian Beauchamp family

Holly and Aaron Schurg

The Anne and Luke Schwartz family

Langley Sherer

Emily and Pieter Sheridan

Pamela and Anton Sheridan

Marge and Al Siefert

The Jill and Andy Sill Family

The Rebecca and Todd Sketch Family

Vicki Slawnik

The Kim Smith Family

Marlene Smith

Wes and Renee Sovis

Russ Springsteen

Jim Stanley

Mike Starostanko

The Cal Steinorth and Laura Jaquish Family

Mike and Amy Strom

The Jason Stuart Family

Gabe and Kristen Talaga

Carl and Emily Taphouse

Dave and Lisa Taylor

Rachael and John Taylor

Anndrea and Steven Terry + their dog, Lily

Barb Tholin

Meg Thomas Ackerman

Pat and Susan Tobin

Katie Tomczyk

Kelly Huffard Travis

Bill Unger

Carrie and John Urbain

Mary Van Valin

Karen Wagner

The Paige Waldron Family

The Stacy and Dave Walston Family

Ashlea and Chris Walter

The Jenny and Jason Walter family

Bryan Warner

Laura and Craig Webb

Jeff Wentzloff

The Tim Werner and Petra Von Kulajta family

The Kate and John White Family

Tyler Whittaker and his mom and dad

The Brent Wiersema and Stephanie Morreale Family

Maxwell Wolf

The Peter and Michele Worden family


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