Norte! Kids Bike Library


Kids grow up fast. They out grow their bikes fast too.

As part of our Traverse City-wide Safe Routes To School funded program, we are excited to launch the Norte! Kids Bike Library.

The Library aims to keep pedaling preschool and lower elementary aged students awesome by making sure their bike always fits no matter their family’s resources.


Thanks to our friends at McLain Cycle, we currently have 65 like new (not junky big box store bikes!)  kids bikes in the Library.

Young riders are able to borrow a bike for as long as it fits them. Once they outgrow the bike, they return to the Library in exchange for the next size up. For FREE!

In return, we simply ask that the kids promise to:
  1. take good care of the bike
  2. ride the bike as much as possible
  3. be a positive Norte! ambassador

Here’s How It Works:

  • Complete this one time/one per family LIBRARY APPLICATION FORM
  • Check to see what’s available on the Library shelves HERE
  • See one you like? Email us at to make sure we have it
  • Stop by the Norte! Clubhouse at the Civic Center to give it a test ride/pick-up
  • Once the bike is too small, return it to the Library and check out the next size up

Easy-peasy. Awesome, right?!

While this is a 100% free service, we do accept donations – tax exempt, of course – to help fix and maintain these bikes as well as fund our Traverse City-wide Safe Routes To School initiative.

Learn more about how we’re empowering elementary students to be active, happy, and ready-to-learn HERE.

Email us at with questions

Bike Happy. Bike Mas. Bike TC.


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