Who We Are

Norte! is Traverse City’s bike-centric, youth-focused nonprofit (501c3) advocacy organization dedicated to building a more bike-friendly TC by inspiring our young people through bicycles.

Norte! is harnessing the power of the bicycle to:

1. Promote an active, healthy lifestyle and encourage Traverse City youth to become cyclists for life.

2. Teach urban riding skills to encourage more kids on bikes riding safely on our Traverse City neighborhood streets and trails.

3. Foster leadership skills while setting and achieving personal goals.

4. Empower Traverse City youth to be resilient, gritty and self-confident to help them overcome obstacles both on and off their bikes.

5. Grow the next generation of civic-minded and engaged Traverse City leaders by participating in bike-friendly community outreach activities.

6. Inspire a love for all things bikes. Bikes for happiness. Bikes for fun. Bikes for transportation. Bikes for health. Bikes for racing. Bikes for life.

7. Educate and instruct in basic mechanic and repair skills to promote self-assurance, creativity and lifelong bike independence.

8. Promote environmental stewardship to strengthen our community and help create a more sustainable Traverse City.

9. Support racing in Traverse City and Northern Michigan. Training hard. Getting fit. Standing on the podium.

10. Build a strong, well connected and awesome Traverse City.


Read more about all of our Safe Routes To School programs HERE.

Read more about our community-based programs HERE.

Learn more about our mountain bike rides and programs HERE.
Sign up to ride bikes with us HERE.
Volunteer with us HERE.

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike TC.

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