N!YC Racing


N!YC Racing is a new Norte! program dedicated to supporting Traverse City youth at Traverse City bike races and promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. N!YC Racing’s goal is to unleash confidence while also empowering youth to be resilient, gritty to help them overcome obstacles both on and off their bikes.

How It Works:

1. Commit to racing at least 2 Traverse City events in 2015:

  • Mud Sweat and Beers
  • Conquer The Village
  • Peak 2 Peak
  • Iceman
  • Farmland
  • x100
  • Rock Road

2. Volunteer at 2 Norte! functions in 2015.

3. Attend team rides as much as possible.

4. Be a positive role model and ambassador for Norte!.

5. Ride your bike. A lot. And inspire your friends to do the same.

6. Dream Big!

7. Have fun.

What We’ll Do For You As A N!YC Racer:

1. Cover the cost of your jersey as part of our Buy One – Give One program.

2. Host weekly mountain bike team rides.

3. Provide mentorship/coaching regarding training and racing.

4. Help offset costs of races as able.

Sound fun? Sign up HERE.

Email Johanna at hello@elgruponorte.org with questions.

If you are a local race promoter and would like to add your event to our calendar, please email us at race@elgruponorte.org.

Bike Mas. Race Mas.


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