Traverse City Winter Bikes To Work + School Day


Celebrate riding bikes all year long with Norte! and help make Traverse City the Winter Biking Champion Of The World as we compete against northern cities in Canada, Europe and the US.

Our fourth annual Traverse City Winter Bike To Work And School Day (WBTW+SD) is Friday, February 10 and it’s sure to be awesome. Promise.

WBTW+SD aims to demystify the practice of winter cycling and create awareness that ordinary people riding bicycles to work, school or just for FUN! in the winter is safe, healthy, and normal.

Here’s How It Works:

Click below to commit to ride on and help Traverse City dominate the international challenge.


On Friday, February 10th, be awesome and pedal your bike to work or school. Adults should make sure to stop by Brew, Morsels, Oryana, Higher Grounds, BLK MRKT, Horizon Books, Espresso Bay, Cuppa Joe, Breakaway Cafe, Cavallino Cafe or Horizon Books in the morning for a free cup of coffee.

coffee 2017.jpg

Upper elementary students are welcome to ride with one of our citywide, volunteer-led Bike Trains to Eastern, Central Grade, Glenn Loomis, Willow Hill and Traverse Heights schools. Hot chocolate and healthy snacks for the kids.

bike trains 17.jpg


Join our swingin’ all-ages after party at Rarebird starting at 5. Free High Fives. All. Night. Long.

rare bird party 17.jpg

On the two Fridays leading up to WBTW+SD, we invite all awesome people – big and small – to join our Bike To School (and work!) Fridays. The best way to become a better winter biker is to ride your winter bike more, silly. Like mom says, “Practice makes perfect”!

Just remember to dress warm, take it a bit slower, make those turns wide, and smile!

If you need a beater bike (beater bikes just might make the best winter bikes), you can reserve one from our Winter Bike Share.

Winter commuting to school or work is a great way to embrace winter, burn a few calories and have FUN!

Like Sabrina, our uber-talented and always pedaling WBTW+SD graphic designer, told us, “ Two winters ago was the first one I bike-commuted through. The roads were plowed well most of the time, making it extremely easy to ride. There have been so many bike-friendly improvements to the streets and a drastic increase in community awareness here that I think it’s going to keep getting easier to bike to work year-round.”

Don’t forget to commit!


Once you’ve committed, help us spread the word by sharing one of our digital pins:

Stay up to date by joining our WBTW+SD Facebook page and share your winter biking photos HERE or to Twitter/Instagram using #BikeTVC

Email us at with questions.

Vamanos, Traverse City!

Bike Happy. Bike Más. Bike Winter Traverse City.


One thought on “Traverse City Winter Bikes To Work + School Day

  1. WBTWD HQ February 14, 2015 / 9:56 am

    Your tagline is incorrect. It should be the opposite.
    It should be “Traverse City Youth, Inspiring the World Through Bicycles”.

    Thank you.

    Winter Bike to Work Day HQ.

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