Traverse City Youth Racing

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Our racing team is dedicated to supporting Northern Michigan youth (elementary, middle and high school aged students ) at Northern Michigan bike races and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.

The program’s goal is to unleash confidence through FUN! while also empowering youth to be independent, strong and gritty to help them overcome obstacles both on and off their bikes.

The JV squad is for elementary school boys and girls while the Varsity team is for middle and high school’ers.


How It Works:

1. Varsity racers must commit to racing at least 3 Northern Michigan events (one has to be Iceman, SlushCup also an option for younger Varsity members) in 2017 while JV rip’ers need only commit to racing the SlushCup (Sno Cone an option for younger JV’ers).

  • Mud Sweat and Beers
  • Barrel Roll
  • Grit and Gravel
  • Traverse City Trail Festival @ Ranch Rudolph
  • Peak 2 Peak
  • Iceman/SlushCup
  • Farmland
  • Cherry Roubaix
  • Many other mountain bike, fat bike and gravel road races including but not limited to Bearclaw, Highlander, Hanson Hills, Big M, Michigan Mountain Mayhem, King Vasa, Fat Chance!, 45th North Barrel Roll, X100.

2. Varsity racers must volunteer at 3 (JV at just 2) Norte! functions in 2017. Think mentoring the little kids at The Bike Mas Project or El Barrio Bike Fix or Estrellas. Or helping at one of our community outreach events like the Bike Valet or Adventurama! or Take A Kid Mountain Biking Day or Bike Night at the Bijou.

3. Attend team rides (Vasa Domingos, Fridays@TheCommons, Varsity-only group rides) as much as possible. 

4. Be a positive community role model and ambassador for Norte!.

5. Varsity racers should consider being a part of El Liderato, our new Youth Leadership initiative, and help Norte! up its youth-driven advocacy game.

6. Ride your bike. A lot. And inspire your friends to do the same.

7. Dream big and have FUN!

What We’ll Do For You As A N!YC Racer:

1. Cover 1/2 the cost ($60) of one very orange jersey (for Varsity racers) or 100% of one navy tech/wicking Norte! Tshirt (for JV racers). JV racers are welcome to purchase a jersey at cost, of course.

2. Pay for racer’s Iceman or SlushCup registrations.

3. Give you a free membership to our Clubhouse.

4. Host weekly team rides. We will be adding a regular road/mountain bike ride for Varsity team members in 2017 in addition to Vasa Domingos and Fridays@TheCommons.

5. Offer mentorship/coaching regarding training and racing.

6. Help offset cost of other races as able.

7. Provide opportunities for Varsity racers to get more involved with Norte! and earn money through our summer programs and events.

mountain bikes

Sound fun? Commit!


Riders looking to ride with Norte! but not yet ready to commit to racing are welcome to join us any time. Our rides are open to all awesome kids no matter their skill or ability. Calendar out group rides HERE.

Share your passion for bicycles with the next generation. Become a Norte! Mentor:

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Thank you, Sponsors!

Email us at with questions.

If you are a local race promoter and would like to add your event to our calendar, please email us at