12096629_485531878294944_2494740989912101747_nShow your support for kids on bikes and a more bicycle-friendly Traverse City by wearing one of our very, very Orange jerseys, Tshirts, hats, caps and shades.


Quality blended, super soft shirt. It’ll be your fave new T. $25.

Norte! logo poly blend adult T, wicking/tech T in youth sizes and women’s shirt too.

bike tc shirt

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Winter Hat/Cap/Bottle/Sunglasses/Hoodie

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20150218171638.JER001_0002_15_US025068_V4_10_S006 (1)

You will be the envy of all your riding buddies. Plus it’ll make you at least 3kph faster. Promise.

As a Champion-System Ambassador Team we are able to offer our jerseys to awesome people like you at cost. $55.

We also have bibs, arm warmers, vests, jackets and socks available to order.

order button

Once we reach the 10 piece minimum, we will place the order. Expect a 6-8 week turn around time.

As an Equipo Norte! ambassador you will be supporting our mission of building a stronger, better connected and more bicycle friendly Traverse City. Gracias.

Email us at with questions.







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