A NORTE! Story: Amelia And The Iceman


My Iceman Race
by Amelia Werner

In June I had never mountain biked before.  At the time my dad and I were going to do the Iceman SlushCup on a tandem. Then we started biking with NORTE! Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt convinced me to do it on my single.  I was signed up now I had to do it.

Finally, it was race day.  I was in the fourth wave to start. Then I was at the start line. Three, two, one bang, I went. I biked as hard as I could for the whole ten miles.  At last I saw the finish.

When I finished I had to get my award.  I thought I got fifteenth place, but it turned out I got first.  I was very happy!  So, I got my award and we went to my parents’ friend’s cabin to eat.



The best way to become a better mountain biker is to ride your mountain bike more. Amelia showed up nearly every week for our VASA DOMINGOS ride. From May to November, she transformed from a complete beginner to a legit mountain biker. Strong on the climbs. Smooth out of the corners. Confident through the sand. We’re pretty proud of Amelia and the rest of our crew for their hard work and determination all season long. Let’s do it again next year!

A special gracias to Mr. “Iceman” Brown for donating a few race entries to N!YC and leading a Slush Cup Practice ride on Take A Kid Mountain Bike Day. Read TC RIDES With Iceman HERE.

~ Ty and Johanna


A NORTE! Story is a blog series highlighting N!YC riders/volunteers/supporters in our first year of inspiring Traverse City youth through bicycles. If you like Amelia’s’s story and want to support more of the same, please consider donating to our end-of-year KIDS ON BIKES + YOU campaign. Levels and awards can be found HERE.


And let’s ride bikes together soon.


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